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Vancouver Indian wedding photographer

Wedding Photography Surrey | Vancouver | Abbotsford

Vancouver wedding photographer Vancouver is in Canada, which is a multi-cultural country with immigrants from all over the globe. A lot of Indians reside in Vancouver and usually get married in the city instead of going all the way back to India. Covering Indian weddings is not as easy as a western Canadian weddings. Indian weddings usually have a lot happening throughout the days that lead to wedding day. There are many traditions to follow and let’s not forget the dances...

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sikh wedding photographer

Indian (Sikh & Hindu) wedding photography Vancouver

East Indian (Sikh & Hindu) wedding photography Vancouver   East Indian weddings are ceremonial feasts with symbolic rites and rituals. Despite India’s diversities in language, lifestyle, culture and food, there are many common finds in their weddings. East Indian wedding ceremonies mainly include the marriage traditions from Punjab, West Bengal, Orissa, Assam and other states of India. Sikh, East Indian or Bengali wedding ceremonies consist of simple but meaningful rituals. Their weddings traditions and customs are quite interesting which enable close friends and...

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vancouver sikh wedding photographer

Vancouver Sikh wedding photography

Vancouver Sikh wedding photography There is not much difference between Sikh and Indian weddings. The major difference between both weddings is that Sikhs take their vows at a “Gurdwara”, a religious place or temple in Sikh religion. The wedding reception is almost always held at a different location. Usually there is more than one event in a Sikh wedding because they take their vows on a separate day and the next day or the evening of is when reception takes place....

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wedding photographer burnaby

Vancouver Wedding Photographer | Vancouver Wedding Videographer

Vancouver Wedding Photographers | Videographer Congratulations! We know that finding the "right" wedding photographer in Vancouver, BC -- one that goes with your taste and your requirements -- is a very timely procedure. At Vivid Dreams, we will work closely with you and anyone you appoint. We will take the time to meet for pre-wedding consultation for your input and thoughts to make sure that you will get wedding photographs that you can appreciate for a lifetime. After all, it’s your...

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Wedding Photography FAQ

Wedding Photography FAQ Q| We like you to photograph our wedding day, how do we go about booking you? A: Reach us via our contact form or call, text, e mail us along with your wedding and venue(s), if booked. We can respond by phone or e mail. If possible, We would like to have a meeting with both of you in person so you can get to know your future photographers and can ask us everything you need. Once you’ve decided to choose us as your...

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vancouver wedding album

Why are wedding albums so important?

Vancouver Wedding Albums We all prefer to choose a photographer who lets you have the photographs on a CD so you can print away to your heart’s content and have a print of all the photographs, BUT a high-quality album is so essential. Why? Well we shall tell you… You want a wedding album that you can hand down to your grandkids one day and it still looks just as good as the day you gotten it. But let us ask you a...

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Vancouver wedding photography

Vancouver wedding photographer at Vivid Dreams Photography Photography is an essential part of any wedding because the couple wants to cherish the biggest moment of their lives. In Canada, couples love elegance and creativity in their wedding photography. Vancouver wedding photographers at Vivid Dreams Photography are always on their toes to come up with new ideas to capture the best moments at a wedding which can bring a smile on their client’s face. Photographers focus on taking a collection of moments,...

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vancouver photographer

Vancouver Wedding and Engagement Photography Blog

Welcome to Vivid Dreams Photography blog. We will be sharing with you new and exciting images along with stories about our beautiful brides and grooms here. We  invites you to take a glimpse at our exceptional wedding collections and find the one platform that completely fits your requirements. We can customize any of our photography services to fully meet or surpass your requirements. If you have any queries or special needs we are always more than happy to hear from you! Our Wedding...

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Wedding photography – Indian Wedding Photographer – Surrey | Vancouver | Canada

You are creating a fresh foundation in your lives; two souls becoming one, two extended families merging into one big family. This is a crucial choice in your life and so is selecting a professional photographer to take those everlasting memories. Whether your wedding ceremony is being held in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, or anywhere in lower mainland – We’re here to make sure you have perfect photographic memories that will last a lifetime. With Vivid Dreams Photography you will enjoy...

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wedding photographer

Acquiring the “right” wedding photographer in Vancouver

Congratulations! We know that acquiring the right wedding photographer in Vancouver one that goes with your flair and your wishes is a very timely procedure. At Vivid Dreams, we will work closely with you and anyone you appoint. We will meet for pre-wedding consultation session for your input and ideas to make sure that you will get wedding photographs that you can appreciate for a lifetime. After all, it’s your Big Day Our photographers are bold, sophisticated, stylish and chic but at...

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