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East Indian, Sikh, Punjabi and Hindu wedding photographer in Vancouver, Surrey. Abbotsford and surrounding areas!
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Indian wedding photographer

Indian wedding photographer

Indian wedding photographer

Indian wedding photographer in Vancouver

We are Indian wedding photographers providing Indian wedding photography services in Vancouver and worldwide! We also have a team  of Vancouver Wedding Videographers and Indian Wedding Videographer which come highly recommend and work really well with us. Vivid Dreams Photography produces stunning wedding photographs! We are the got to Vancouver Wedding Photographer for Sikh, Hindu, Fijian, Pakistani, Persian and Indian weddings in Vancouver, specializing in eastern weddings and events. That’s not to say we don’t/can’t shoot western weddings!

Indian wedding are BIG and can go for five to seven straight days of family, friends, excitement, and emotions. The colors are always stunning and the sense of community that flows through all of the events and people never ceases to amaze us. But it is all the little things that really make Indian wedding stand out for us: from the fabulous décor to incredible outfits, to the raw emotion and fun with which everyone throws themselves into the activities. It is a tremendously beautiful, tremendously exhausting, all-in-all wonderful wedding.

indian wedding photographer

Indian wedding photographer

We end up with Soooo many photographs to have to work through – its hard enough just to narrow down to a quick sneak peek of favorites. We always hope our bride and groom can patiently wait for the rest!

Big Indian weddings are “Go big or go home”

Indian wedding, which takes place entire week, with family flying in from England and USA and all over the globe, events nearly every night, a temple ceremony Saturday morning, reception Sunday night for 800 to 1,200 people and a “coming home” party the next day.

Indians invite everybody, and their wedding festivities include traditions that have their roots in Punjabi culture. It involves plenty of expenditures, although by some standards, their $100,000 budget, split between two families, is considered modest.

The trend of extravagant weddings is alive and well in Greater Vancouver and lower mainland, although any excess must be kept outside the Gurdwara (temple). “From a religious point of view, Sikhs are supposed to conduct very simple weddings. We are against dowries, we believe in equality of the sexes and simple living. Many of these traditions of parties are not Sikh, but go back to the customs and ceremonies of their villages.”

The customs include pre-wedding events that include formal engagement parties, bridal showers, Mehndi parties where henna decorations are applied to the hands and feet of the bride and her female friends, a bangle ceremony in which the bride is gifted with jewelry by her own family and in-laws, a Gurdwara wedding with the groom arriving on a horse, to music, drumming and dancing, a wedding lunch, a wedding reception and a coming home ceremony the next day! And who can capture all the details better than Vivid Dreams Photography?

​All these days, photography plays an important role to capture those memorable events. Planning photography for an East Indian wedding isn’t an easy thing. One has to dedicate entire day to capture events which last for more than a week sometimes.

Pre-planning is the key:
Professional photography is all about planning and preparing accordingly. East Indian weddings are long day events with pack of people. We ask the couple to think ahead of the event and get a list of people to capture. We speak to the couple and family well in advance and understand the event and their significance. We always get to know their families which helps us to capture family shots. It’s always a hard part to remember or track all the family members. Usually one of the family members plays a part of a coordinator (one from each family). They help us bring and round-up the people during formal photography session. We scout the location(s) and get to know the details of the venue(s). Last but not the least, we make sure everything on our part we’re ready such as, charger, batteries, focus-lights, tripods, speedlights, strobes, backup cameras, etc.
Capturing the small details:
Wedding is not only about the bride and groom, but also the arrangements made, the small children of their families, ornaments, food, decorations, bride and grooms dressing, etc. People can forget how the wedding events were arranged, so it’s our job to capture all those small details which will help the couples to recall their special day in the far future. If possible, we use three cameras or consider having a third photographer as well with three different focal lenses (wide-angle and longer zoom lens). These are perfect for large group shots and also amazing for candid shots.
We’re bold and friendly:
In most of the East Indian weddings, sometimes it’s difficult to get exclusive time with the couple during the wedding day. We always like to be bold and friendly with the bride and groom, we won’t hesitate to avail some time to capture the images. Sometimes we may end up getting only 15 to 30 minutes to capture those planned shots in particular attire, so get we try to get the most out of it. We would like our brides and grooms to have ample amount of time set aside after the ceremony for park pictures. We’ll make sure to capture family photos of both bride and groom. Getting all the members at one time is hard. At this time, we ask the coordinator to get them ready for the family shot.
East Indian weddings are like big festivals, hence we don’t hesitate to move around and get the right frame. Above are some of the most important things to consider during East Indian Weddings. We hope these tips come handy on your special day!