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Vancouver wedding album design company specializes in created timeless wedding albums.
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Vancouver Wedding Albums

Vancouver Wedding Albums | Flushmount Gutterless Wedding Albums designed in Vancouver

Albums are not only important. They are necessary!

Yes, but why are albums so expensive?

It’s because they are hand bound. They are not massed produced. They are either on real photographic paper and they use archival inks printed on special archival paper.

Albums are tangible.

Wedding albums are something that you hold on to after your wedding day, that you can revisit again and again. They are the only thing that tells the story of your day along with your film long after the day has passed. They include photos of people who will, in time, no longer be with us. Some day you will show your children. And some day, your children will show their children.

Think about this. How many photos do you have on your computer. How many have you actually printed?

Couples always ask us how many photos they will get on their DVD or USB.

We shot a lot of photos so we say more than you will ever know what to do with.

What if you lose the DVD? What if your hard drive crashes and dies? Do you have a backup?

We have personal photos on our computers (and on a personal level it’s amazing how unorganized they are). We have photos I’ve taken with my iPhone which are still on our phones. We have stills taken with my video camera which are still on the tapes and SD cards from our video camera.

Since the world went digital, We are amazed at how few prints we make our lives any more. And those prints? We have thousands of them in shoe boxes. They’re in our closet. In Tupperware containers on the floor.

Where will all your wedding pictures be in 10 years? In 20?

vancouver wedding albums

Albums = Storybooks

We call my albums storybooks because that is what they are. We select the photos of your wedding day that tell the story of your day. We don’t include all of the formals. Or groups. Those make great prints. But they don’t necessarily tell anyone the story of your day. Vivid Dreams books usually include:

Getting ready pictures. Moments before the ceremony. The ceremony. Photos of the happy couple. Photos of the party. Photos of romance, love, tears, joy! Like chapters in a book.

Most books have roughly 1-3 photos per page. Some pages have more (like detail pages). Some pages have less. Some only have one which takes up a whole spread (2 pages). Whatever it takes to tell your story and to tell it well.

While your album comes with a standard number of pages and a standard “package” size, most of the time, couples will upgrade the number of spreads because they are so happy to see their wedding again!

You want an album that you can hand down to your grandkids one day and it still look just as good as the day you received it.

Another thing we were guilty of ourselves was receiving our wedding photos and doing absolutely nothing with them. We printed a few but we don’t think we even put them on Facebook… OOPS! But getting large prints done is something that we plan to do when we move into our new house. We live in a digital age where it is so easy to just let our photos live on our phones or on Instagram. Let’s face it. Couples pay thousands of dollars for someone to capture their wedding and some of them just use the photos as the wallpapers on their computer. This is not something we want for our clients. We want you to have something that you can look back on and relive your whole wedding day.

But let us ask you this…
If your house was on fire right now, what you would you grab and save?  What do you hold most dear?

For us, we would want to make sure my family and pets were safe, and then we would want to save all of our photos because those are irreplaceable.  Everything else in my home (computer included) can be replaced, but the memories and photographs we hold dear can’t be re-purchased at some store.  We’re willing to bet, that many of you feel the same.

Now, We want to ask you something else.
Out of all the images you have stored on your computer’s hard drive…. How often do you revisit and look at those images? How many times do you relive the emotions you experienced by creating those photos?

We have documented each year of our lives in photo-book/album.  Our books are all placed in one area waiting for us to flip through the pages and re-live our adventures.  We can also share our experiences with our friends and families.  We believe that it is important for families to have memories, traditions, and special things to pass down through the generations.

Lastly, We want you to think about something.
Times are changing and technology grows and gets cooler and more awesome everyday! But just think about 10-20 years ago before iPods and even before CDs and DVDs… What happened to our old VHS tapes and cassette tapes?

We tossed them out because we don’t use them any more, and we purchased newer, bigger, and better things.   Well, what happens when that DVD you purchased of your wedding images or your child’s newborn photos when DVDs are no longer the popular way to store images?  What happens many years down the road when your grandkids want to see photographs of their grandparent’s wedding day?  Are you going to pull up an antique computer to show them? Are you going to keep backing up the images to a new device everytime one is released?  Wouldn’t it be easier to pull out your wedding album and show them and be able to tell your story to them?