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Vancouver wedding photographer at Vivid Dreams Photography. Vancouver engagement photographer!
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Vancouver wedding photography

Vancouver wedding photography

Vancouver wedding photographer at Vivid Dreams Photography

Photography is an essential part of any wedding because the couple wants to cherish the biggest moment of their lives. In Canada, couples love elegance and creativity in their wedding photography. Vancouver wedding photographers at Vivid Dreams Photography are always on their toes to come up with new ideas to capture the best moments at a wedding which can bring a smile on their client’s face.

Photographers focus on taking a collection of moments, details, relationships and emotions that tells a story which is beyond the event of the day. They bring life to the pictures and make these things larger than life. Every couple have their unique personalities, we live in a beautiful country which has so many cultures, traditions, societies and religions. Every wedding has its unique ambiance which brings joy to the guests because two people in love tie the knot.

Vancouver wedding photographers go an extra mile to make sure that their client is satisfied with their work. Wedding only happens once in a lifetime and no one would want an amateur photographer to ruin it for them. The event lasts a day but photographs last a lifetime so they have to be perfect in every aspect.

There was a time when wedding photography was all about formal photos and family group photographs but now it has changed drastically. There is a new concept of cinematic wedding in which photographers capture the wedding with the concepts of cinematography along with candid moments. The end result is more like a short film with beautiful shots taken from different angles, drones, cranes and so on.

Another latest trend that Vancouver wedding photographers follow is a photo blog with customer’s consent. The photo blog is all about the wedding, its décor, bride’s dress, groom’s shoes and much more. Photographers capture photographs of everything and make a nice blog which is published online. Photo blog allows the couple and the photographer to go to various locations and take pictures which bring life to their best moment in life. It can be at the heart of the city or in the suburbs. The beautiful scenery enhances the romance in the photographs.

It’s all about capturing real emotions and moments which tell a better story then a pose especially for the photograph. Photographers are sneaky and they will take a picture when you are having a laugh with your friends while eating the cake. These are the moments which are more precious than a family portrait, which is more formal but still necessary. Wedding is about two families joining together to form one big happy family. It is important to everyone and a family portrait is a must in any wedding album.

Vivid Dreams Photographers do not reflect the common trends; instead their photographs reflect real moments and real people which is more than just photography. The more they are involved in the moment themselves the better the end result is.

There are many Vancouver wedding photographers available for wedding photography but what sets them apart is their portfolio. Some follow the traditional style while others make it more interesting. Creativity is key and couples would love to stand-out from everyone else on their wedding day. They say pictures are worth a thousand words and it’s true for wedding photographs because they tell your life’s story.