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Vancouver Indian wedding photographer

Vancouver Indian wedding photographer Canada is a multi-cultural country with immigrants from all around. A lot of Indians reside in Vancouver and usually get married in the city instead of going all the way back to India. Covering Indian weddings is not as easy as a Canadian wedding. Indian weddings usually have a lot happening throughout the day. There are many traditions to...

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East Indian wedding photography Vancouver

East Indian wedding photography Vancouver East Indian weddings are ceremonial feasts with symbolic rites and rituals. Despite India’s diversities in language, lifestyle, culture and food, there are many common finds in their weddings. The East Indian wedding ceremonies mainly include the marriage traditions from West Bengal, Orissa, Assam and other northeastern states of India. East Indian wedding photography Vancouver! East Indian or...

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Affordable wedding photographer

Affordable wedding photographer Weddings are quite expensive and anyone who plans to get married saves up for more than a year to make it memorable. The most expensive things at a wedding are its location, décor and photography. Everything needs to be perfect because it will only happen once in your life and you want it to be the best day...

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Brix and Mortar Restaurant Wedding

Brix and Mortar Restaurant Wedding Brix & Mortar–Yaletown’s dining house is located in a 1912 heritage brick building in the Yaletown neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Brix and Mortar Restaurant Wedding With two floors, two patios, a large dining hall and a number of semi-private nooks, Brix & Mortar is well equipped to host your next event: 750 weddings hosted 95...

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Wedding photographer prices

Wedding photographer prices Wedding photography is not cheap especially if you want to hire a pro photographer for your wedding. Wedding photographer prices have risen by more than 200% in the past year only because of the latest trends. A new creative trend is a unique selling point for a photographer so couples have to pay a premium if they want to incorporate it in...

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Find the Best Indian Wedding Planner

Now, most of wedding are getting expensive and opulence, thus most of the people are taking help from the professional indian wedding planner, to make their wedding as extravagant as that of their peers. However, if she thinks that wedding planner did an amazing job, then you might want to see the wedding planner. their work and you can easily...

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