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East Indian (Sikh & Hindu) wedding photography Vancouver

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East Indian (Sikh & Hindu) wedding photography Vancouver

East Indian (Sikh & Hindu) wedding photography Vancouver


East Indian weddings are ceremonial feasts with symbolic rites and rituals. Despite India’s diversities in language, lifestyle, culture and food, there are many common finds in their weddings. East Indian wedding ceremonies mainly include the marriage traditions from Punjab, West Bengal, Orissa, Assam and other states of India.

Sikh, East Indian or Bengali wedding ceremonies consist of simple but meaningful rituals. Their weddings traditions and customs are quite interesting which enable close friends and relatives to come together and celebrate the wonderful occasion. Wedding is a union of two souls and it is regarded as one of the most beautiful moments of life in India.

East Indian wedding photography is no different than Indian wedding photography. There are a lot of traditions and rituals which take place and every little aspect is important. India is beautiful and very rich in its traditions though thousands of East Indians have migrated to Canada to find a better way of living and to support their families here and back home, the traditions are more modern times and lifestyles of North America.

East Indian wedding photography in Vancouver is similar to Indian and Sikh wedding photography. The focus remains on the bride and the groom and wedding traditions. There are plenty of guests and festivities as well as dances performed by both families. East Indians have adopted some of the western traditions such as cakes at weddings and a white wedding theme instead of the traditional red. One thing that doesn’t change is the bride’s red dress and groom’s white/gold Sherwani, though we have seen some other color combos.

East Indians prefer to get married in a religious place or wedding halls if available in the area. Everyone is elegantly dressed in bright wedding dresses and they get their groove on to celebrate the union of two people. They celebrate the joining of two extended families and most of the whole family plays an important part in organizing the wedding.

Photographers have a very frantic job to do and one man cannot cover the whole event because East Indian weddings sometimes last for days, weeks and we have seen some that go for months. The wealthier the family the longer the wedding event. Even in Canada, an East Indian wedding will last for a week or even spread across two weeks.

A team of local photographers and videographers from Vancouver are required to cover the whole event because they have to capture all the formal and candid moments at the wedding. Mehndi also known as Henna is a very important part of an East Indian wedding and every girl gets a beautiful design on her hands. Photographers have to take photographs of these designs which can turned out to be beautiful photographs for the wedding album covers.

Everything in an East Indian wedding happens under a wedding canopy known as “Mandap” or at a temple known “Gurdwara”. There are plenty of traditions to look after such as Vivah-Homa (Sacred Fire), Groom’s arrival (Baraat), big receptions and so on. Sometimes two different wedding styles are fused together especially in foreign countries. We love photographing these! If an Indian decides to marry a westerner then the couple will have two ceremonies – one East Indian style and the other Christian style.

This adds further creative hours in the photographer’s schedule, so he/she needs to know which moments to include from the Indian ceremony and which ones to include from the Christian ceremony to make them work seamlessly into the wedding albums. East Indian wedding photography in Vancouver is offered by many photographers who specialize in Indian weddings. A couple can always find the best wedding photographer who provides the services they need and capture joyous memories of their wedding. Feel free to contact Vivid Dreams Photography to check our schedule for your wedding date as soon as you’ve decided on your special day/date!