Pakistani Wedding Photographer | Vancouver | Surrey | BC

Pakistani Wedding Photographer | Vancouver | Surrey | BC

Pakistani Wedding Photography | Muslim Wedding Photography

Looking for the best Pakistan wedding photographers? Meet the documentary-style wedding photographers of Vivid Dreams. We are very top tier photographers and videographers for Muslim wedding photography in Vancouver and Surrey area. Desi weddings are big, long, colorful, beautiful, cheerful events. Allow our team to capture the authenticity of the emotions on your joyous occasion.

We are Pakistani Wedding Photographers based in Vancouver & Surrey, British Columbia. Photography and Videography is our passion. We enjoy what we do and that’s why we give it our best. We understand the importance of preserving your big day. Being in such a diverse environment we are experienced in all kinds of events.

There is a variety of interesting and warm wedding traditions that are found in different parts of the world. Wedding customs of any country purely depend upon the culture and of course, the religion which is the most essential factor of any wedding ceremony. ‘Shadi’, which is popularly used in Middle Eastern countries, is usually conducted to bring two people closer- a male or female, two families, two towns, two villages or even two countries.

Pakistan is an Islamic State and is highly rich in cultural values and traditions. Although, most Pakistani weddings follow certain Islamic traditions strictly, there are tons of enthralling and exciting customs that are observed during the event. The main aim of a Pakistani wedding is to develop a legal union between a man and woman and as a Muslim it is the foremost duty of all parents to marry their sons and daughters as soon as they become mature. This way, their children will remain away from committing any kind of sin.

Be it your Henna night, your Mehndi, or your Nikkah, our team has covered many Pakistani Weddings. We have captured beautiful Pakistani Weddings in Vancouver BC | Surrey BC and surrounding areas.