7 Most Important Things Brides forget on the Wedding Day.

7 Most Important Things Brides forget on the Wedding Day.

The marriage license. Having shot thousands of weddings, this is the one that is often overlooked the most. Put this in your designated MUST GO bag and in a folder so it will not tear of bend. After all, this is what’s it’s all about. By the way, other things forgotten on your big day are: The Rings, something borrowed something blue, the veil, the garter, tissues and filling up the tank.

Your Passports and ID. Off to that glorious and romantic honeymoon. It’s really embarrassing to arrive at the airport and the panic sets in. Oh, and don’t forget the tickets too. Extra cash is also a bonus.

Who’s in Charge. Assign someone reliable to take charge of collecting and transporting gifts and loose ends after the Wedding. Make sure there is enough space in their vehicle or arrange for two cars to carry your bounty home.

An extra pair of COMFY shoes. After a rousing night of dancing, running, standing, posing and pacing, it is the ultimate relief to slip on some flat comfortable shoes to carry you into the night. And oh, he’ll carry you through the threshold.

The cleanup crew.  After being QUEEN for a day, these are the loyal subjects you depend on to clean up after the event, place objects back in place, survey the damage, dispose of the food and cake, ensuring that you get your full deposit from your venue. And don’t forget that tiny reward for all their efforts, NO…. leftover cake will not do.

Important numbers. These numbers on your phone or elsewhere will allow you to have a stress free honeymoon. examples: Parents, Bridesmaids, groomsmen, Hotel, airline, Dog or cat sitter, next door neighbor for home security, and don’t forget to arrange for the airport pickup when you arrive to your new home together.

A checklist. As a photographer we know a checklist will ensure you get what you paid for and eliminate any potential problems. Each vendor should have a designated checklist to go by to make your event flow stress free. So make the time to sit and speak with each vendor to achieve your goals. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call so we can assist you in your Dream Wedding.