Photographing Children at Weddings

Photographing Children at Weddings

So you want your adorable 4-year-old Daughter to be your Flower Girl and magically stroll down the aisle and toss petals to the magical music playing ‘Here comes the Bride”

The reality is, the door opens and over 200 guests are staring with cameras flashing at this precious child, which put the fear of God in her. She stops dead in her tracks and turns for any help. Seeing none, she drops her basket of flowers and cries for her mommy. So much for that.

So, how can children participate in your big day? Here are some rules to make your day a bit less stressful.

When applying your makeup and changing into your bridal attire. Have the children be the last ones to get ready. Many of weddings have been ruined as the children are bored and just want to play in their pretty clothes. Problems that might arise could be stains from food or liquid, boys getting dirty, or just being difficult and not wanting to wear those stuffy clothes. A good suggestion is to keep the children occupied with books, a DVD player with their favorite movie or just a good old fashioned game of Angry Birds on that trusty IPad. Oh, and don’t forget to charge your player. One BIG recommendation, Water is always safer, red punch or juice is a wedding nightmare waiting to to happen.

If you have one or more children you want to come down the aisle, consider using a Radio Flyer Red Wagon. Kids love to ride these and they are usually pulled by a family member. Make it a event and design the wagon to match your decor. Use the softest pillows for comfort and make sure the side panels are secure. You can also choose to have your bridesmaids walk down the aisle with each child.

 When it’s time for photos at the altar, after the Bride and Groom shots, have the children be the next shots to be taken. Kids get restless and want attention, and getting those shots first will ensure that they are not crying and agitated. One last thing, as the Photographer is taken pictures, don’t cry out to the child and say ‘Smile’ and ‘Look over here” All those photos will have the child looking off to the side and not at the photographer. I then recommend that seniors be next as they usually tire easy and need additional time to get to the reception.

This all seems like just common sense, but planning ahead will make your Wedding a stress free event. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call so we can assist you in your Dream Wedding.