Vancouver BC British Columbia Canada

Vancouver BC British Columbia Canada

Vancouver is located in British Columbia in Canada and is one of the most scenic of all of the provinces of Canada. Vancouver is a very historic city located in the Pacific Northwest and is very picturesque most of the year. Unlike other areas of Canada, the weather is usually mild and events take place in Vancouver all year long. When visiting Vancouver, you might want to check out the following.

Vancouver BC
Vancouver BC

Annual Symphony Free Concert

Although Vancouver Symphony plays throughout the season, you will find the annual Free Symphony concert on the first Sunday of November at the Orpheum Center Stage. This gives everyone a chance to experience a true symphony concert without spending a lot of money.

Hopscotch Festival of Scotch, Whiskey and Beer

This festival has been going on for the past 11 years and takes place on Cottrell Street. This allows the public to try these beverages through public tasting. The Hopscotch Festival of Scotch, Whiskey and Beer takes place during the second week of November each year and is also visited by vendors and includes seminars as well as tasting.

Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival

If you have ever wanted to go to a wine festival in an area that is picturesque, you can do so at this annual festival and sample wines from around the world. This festival takes place during the first weekend in December every year and occurs at most of the pubs and bars throughout the city of Vancouver. The Wine Festival brings in vendors from all over the world that want to sell their wines to different venues so any place that sells wine will most likely be offering wine tasting.

Vancouver Chutzpah Festival

This event is an annual occurrence each year in Vancouver and takes place during the week of Hanukkah. The event takes place on 41st Street and features music, dancing and comedy performances. This is a fun festival that has been taking place every year for the past 10 years.


International Bhangra Celebration

Vancouver is a multi-cultural city that transforms itself to the city of Bhangra each and every January. During the last weekend of January every year, the city has the Bhangra celebration and practically transforms the city into Bhangra that includes dancing, stage performances at the Queen Elizabeth Theater, art, foods and other exhibits. This is something to behold and draws thousands of visitors each year.

Orchid Show

The annual orchid show is held every year by the Vancouver orchid Society. In addition to showing these flowers, they are also sold; the proceeds of the sale benefit the Vancouver curling club. The Orchid Show occurs the first weekend in May at the Orchid Center on Holly Bridge Way. There is a small admission fee and free parking for this annual event.

Vancouver International Children’s Festival

More than 50,000 children and their parents attend this festival that takes place at Vanier Park every year during the last weekend of August. This is not just a fair, but an education experience. Educators are on hand to answer questions and games and prizes make this festival fun for kids and parents alike.

You will have a ball when you visit Vancouver in British Columbia. There are hundreds of festivals and fairs throughout the city that take place each year. When you visit Vancouver \, be sure to take in one of these fine events.