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Vancouver Sikh wedding photography, indian wedding photography
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Vancouver Sikh wedding photography

vancouver sikh wedding photographer

Vancouver Sikh wedding photography

Vancouver Sikh wedding photography

There is not much difference between Sikh and Indian weddings. The major difference between both weddings is that Sikhs take their vows at a “Gurdwara”, a religious place or temple in Sikh religion. The wedding reception is almost always held at a different location. Usually there is more than one event in a Sikh wedding because they take their vows on a separate day and the next day or the evening of is when reception takes place. Vancouver Sikh wedding photography is just as difficult as Indian wedding photography because there is a lot to capture from all the week long events that take place.

Unless it’s a really small Indian wedding, one photographer cannot cover an Indian or Sikh wedding because something is happening in all corners of the event. Usually there is a team of two to five photographers and videographers involved which are designated for different tasks. Two videographers take care of the film making at the wedding while the remaining two photographers capture family moments. One of the three photographers is glued to the stage where the bride and the groom sit. He/she takes pictures of every guest greeting and congratulating them while the other two photographers take photographs around the hall.

Sikhs are very possessive about their traditions and this is the reason why a Sikh never removes his turban outside of his house. Even on his wedding day, he will wear the Shirwani along with a matching turban and carry a sword as well. The bride is also in traditional wedding dresses with a slight modern touch. Her mother, sisters, and friends help her decide on the wedding dress and make sure her make-up is spot-on.

A very popular dance style called the “Bhangra” is a tradition started by Sikhs and this is a must for any reception and this is where boys, girls and uncles show off their bhangra moves at a Sikh wedding. They rock the dance floor whenever they get a chance and this involves the elderly as well. They make full use of this beautiful occasion and celebrate in style.  Hundreds or sometimes thousands of photographs are taken at the reception to document every little candid moment.

Sikhs love their after shoot at a park or heritage place, somewhere that holds a special or historical importance because it adds fun factor to their day. Although such places are hard to find in a foreign countries but still couples spend a lot of time on deciding where to shoot the after photographs. Since the world has changed and we have become more modernized, even some Sikhs who are born in foreign countries can forgo such traditions and have a simple wedding.

Vancouver Sikh wedding photographers have the same task at hand as the Indian wedding photographers do. They do hold a huge advantage of knowing the norms and traditions but an Indian or a Sikh photographer can cover both weddings. They have a shot list in their mind for each and every event. There is a lot of drinking at Sikh weddings due to open bar concept so photographers need to be cautious on what to capture and what no to.

Once the events come to a close, the bride has to follow one last tradition before she leaves her parents’ house for good. Photographers should never neglect the tradition when the bride throws rice over her head in to her brother’s arms. It is considered a very important cultural norm and must be included in the wedding album as a memory. Sikhs spend a lot of money on wedding photography and they demand the fresh new ideas in their photography and much higher standards and services and this is where we come into play!

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