Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Wedding Photographer : Vivid Dreams Photography

Vancouver Wedding Photographer in Vancouver BC. We are wedding Photographers servicing Vancouver, the lower mainland, and the surrounding areas of Greater Vancouver BC. Vivid Dreams Photography specializes in weddings, engagements, and event photography, videography and cinematography. We aims to authentically document your big day through a candid, artistic, bold and documentary approach. Our wedding, engagement and event photography is airy, warm and inspired by the beautiful and scenic landscapes in beautiful British Columbia in Vancouver and Vancouver Island, BC aka Victoria Island.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer in Vancouver BC
Vancouver Wedding Photography


We are an award winning Wedding Photographers in Vancouver BC and Videographers, servicing the local area of Vancouver and surrounding areas, documenting weddings across Canada and worldwide

Creative Wedding Photographer Based in Vancouver, BC. Available for Canadian weddings and international weddings and assignments. We are an award winning Vancouver Wedding Photographers, servicing the local area of Vancouver and surrounding areas, documenting weddings across Canada and worldwide.

We believe your wedding deserves to be captured in a candid & unobtrusive way with a creative style.
Authentic and emotive documentation – the kind that sweeps your heart + mind back to the moment – this is our passion.

Wedding photographer based in Vancouver BC specializing in artistic portraits and modern documentary photography for weddings in British Columbia and around the world. Real, living, and honest images focused on how a wedding day feels.

Creative Vancouver Photographer Based in Vancouver, BC. Available for Canadian weddings and international weddings Wedding photography in Vancouver. Check prices and availability, request quotes and get the best deals on professional wedding photographers.

We preserve memories!

Vivid Dreams Photography is a team of Greater Vancouver Wedding Photographers & Videographers who value telling your story and creating Unique, Dynamic and Personal images. They Photograph & Film weddings and engagement sessions in Vancouver BC and in the surrounding Lower Mainland. 

We cannot deny that Vancouver has given us the most incredible summer. Days upon days of sun has made for many happy couples getting married this year…it has also meant that we have had the most amazing evenings for engagement sessions!

Congratulations on your engagement! We know that finding the “right” wedding photographer — one that matches your style and your needs — is a timely process. With Vivid Dreams Photography, we will work with you. During your pre-wedding consultation sessions, we will seek your input and ideas to ensure that you will have wedding photographs that you can treasure for a lifetime. After all, these photographs are for your “Big Day”.

Our core philosophy, explained by three “S’s”: Sweet, Simple and Sophisticated, capture a wide audience. We combine photojournalism, unique compositions, and digital enhancements to capture your emotions on your wedding day.

We are aware that weddings can be an expensive undertaking and believe that everyone should have access to a photographer for their wedding day. Our goal is to provide quality wedding photography at an affordable and competitive rate. Therefore, our pricing is designed so you can mix and match our services to suit your specific needs!

Photography is a representation of everything we love about working in the Vancouver wedding photography industry and living in the Pacific Northwest and specifically Vancouver 

Vancouver, BC based wedding and editorial photographer. Vancouver photography team that offers professional wedding photography packages with a different photojournalistic style.

rapher. Wedding Photographer Vancouver team that offers professional wedding photography packages with a different photojournalistic style.


About us:

Wedding Photographers in Vancouver | When it comes to having the best team to work with in beautiful Vancouver BC Canada, then the Vivid Dreams family is the best option for you. Having been in the province of BC for quite some time, we assure you of the best in the video and photography services that you would possibly need during your special day.  We make your dreams, exceptionally vivid for you during your wedding week!

The chance to paint clear your day and make it as real as possible in terms of quality is what we desire most for you. That is why we concentrate more on the bold yet simple approach that we offer you. Your preferences will be taken into consideration. We aim to expound on what you want and make it a dream come true. We’re Vancouver’s most realism photography and videography team.

 What makes us stand out among the other wedding photographers in Vancouver?

Among the other photography and videography services in Vancouver, We’re known as top tier and one of the most booshiest wedding photo and film team in Vancouver! They’re top notch on the list. Vancouver photographers can offer you a wide variety of options that you would prefer to take the images from. However, this is only if you require or request it.

We can provide you with a well-guided approach and ensure that we walk with you step by step so that you don’t lose out on anything during your day. We also offer the best advisory complements when it comes to the delivery of the services that we offer. You get to decide in what suits you best from the choices we see best for you considering your taste and preference.

You also need to understand that whatever event you are hosting, we will certainly offer you what you need and what you deserve. It could be a wedding, engagement, party, or even just a fashion photo-shoot. You will not get derailed in any way. All you need to do is tell us your ideas and we will take care of the rest by creating a vision for you.

Photography Services in Vancouver

Wedding photography is one of the most important things to consider, especially if you want the best day of your life to be epic. Well, that goes without saying. You should be able to have products that are well worth what you paid. It is essential so that you can have the best memories of your day.

We at Vivid Dreams Photography are out to make this a reality for all our brides and grooms, having had tremendous and fantastic experience in the Vancouver and Surrey area. Our objective is to give you authentic, realistic and bold photos and films all produced in house. Our best product and service that we can offer.

 Services offered

 As an entertainment industry, we tend to work with the interests of the clients at heart. That is why we make it a point, to offer our best services at whatever cost. When it comes to photography, there are standards that you should never slide over at any time. We are also very strict on such deals.

Among the photography services that we tend to offer is the following

1)      4 k cameras and sliders

 Among the equipment that we offer you, there is a set of 4k cameras that come with sliders to help us get those fantastic shots using whatever angle that is possible for you. You will, therefore, not have to worry about getting the same type of chances for all the images that we will give you. It is also instrumental when it comes to those unaware shots that come with a lot of authenticity.

2)      Professional lighting

 You will require your photos to bring out as clear and detailed as possible of your image. The professional lighting services with boosters to make the images look as real as possible. This is very helpful, especially if you are having the event done in a dim light room or during the night, where there will be a need for added lighting services.

3)      2 Hrs Pre wedding or Engagement photo shoot

  In most cases, people love a before and after photo-shoot that is usually linked to the services that are being offered. Therefore, as part of the package deal, you get a 2 hr. Photo shoot using the best of the equipment. Consequently, it means that you can take as many photos as you would want as long as it is within the 2 hour shot period that is being provided.

4)      Flush-mount fine art main album

 You will get to have your images delivered to you in a state of the art presentation style of all the digital photos without the quality being altered. You can, therefore, have a printed representation of the images that you will have received on a USB.

5)      Delivery of photos at high resolution on USB

 The quality of the cameras that we offer you will give you unimaginable quality compared to that which you will get from other service providers. We also give you a bonus deal of providing a USB with all the shots we would have taken for you. You can then clearly view them using your digital TV without any issue if you would like to.

6)      Two-parent albums

 Inclusive in the deal, is a set of parent albums that are a direct replica of what you will be having as the bride and groom album. All the images that would have been taken will be reprinted on to the albums, which you will then be able to offer your parents or guardians. However, this is all optional. We could also offer you deals without them if you are not in need. You will however need to specify and tell us.

7)      Large 24*36 panoramic canvas

In most cases, the bride and the groom during a wedding or the models during a fashion shoot always want o to have a photo of themselves printed on a classic canvas. We at the Vivid Dreams will offer you this as an inclusive of our photography package.

We will be able to provide a 24*36 size image of your choice printed on the canvas and delivered together with the other photos after the wedding. You can then hang it in your house as a remembrance of the day you both become one.

Wedding Videography in Vancouver | Vancouver Wedding Videographers

Every event not only needs to have the images takes but also videos of the events so that you can have a clear remembrance of what happened. Vivid Dreams are then the best that you can find in this field especially when you are in Vancouver. With the high-tech gadgets that we have and the professional artistry, I assure you will be seriously thrilled.

 Services offered by Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Vancouver wedding videographer | Most of the services we provide on video is a complement of the photography needs you would need.  The gadgets are, however, equally as of standard and will give you the best in comparison to what you needed. Following are some of the cinematography services we offer as your one and only Vancouver wedding videographers.

1)      Up to 7 CAM wedding and reception coverage

When it comes to videos, the more the cameras, the better the angles that we are going to get. That is why we offer you 7 CAMs that are your disposal including 4k drones. The drones are among the latest technology in the industry. We could therefore not afford to deliver these ones to you. All the effects and the angles that you would have needed, thus, no longer have to seem like a big deal anymore.

2)      4 CAM pre-wedding events

Every wedding needs to have the before I-do a segment where we can feature the preparation process and the attitude that both parties could be having. We are then able to offer four cameras that will comb through every session that will be taking place so that the best out of the day is achieved.  This is usually important because, in most cases, the groom and bride do not know what happened before they get to the alter or the isle.

3)      Cinematic highlight film and Full film

Offering you the boldness but winning side of your event is what we are aiming for. We, therefore, have made it a habit to make us of the cinematic highlight film effects that have helped us over the years to bring out the emotion and the ‘wow’ factor when you watch the video after the wedding.

4)      All videos in full HD 4K option also available*

The video that we have is HD as a result of the fantastic and exceptional gadgets that we tend to use. We will, therefore, deliver all the images and videos of quality because they are the only gadgets that we will dare use during your event. Quality is our stand, and I am sure that is also what you want.

Auxiliary Services and Products

Having the best video and photography services in Vancouver does not just come overnight. We have learned that the needs of the customer have to be met, including other services that they may not have asked for at the beginning. Therefore, the better the package we offer the people the sweeter they experience that they eventually get from us.

It is therefore paramount that at Vivid Dreams, you can get a slight edge over the others that tend to offer almost the same services. We choose to add a few things to the package. To make your experiences more memorable and worth opting for.

1)      Online photo gallery backed up to even ten years

After every deal that we make with our clients, we can create an online gallery that encompasses the images that you received from us. Therefore, apart from the actual photos, we will deliver to you through the albums, canvas, or the USB, you can still come back and ask for a reprint of the pictures through our websites.

Technology has been able to make everything much easier. Therefore, your photography and video experiences in Vancouver will be something you can access even long-term.

2)      Next day or same-day edit (NDE or SDE)

Our service is top notch and instrumental. Unlike the other Vancouver wedding photography services that you could get, we can deliver the NDE on the day of the event or the next day. Our state of the art gear and the professionals that we have working with us, are highly trained and experienced which allows us to do some amazing new never seen before shots to wow your family and relatives.

The final results can, therefore, be delivered to you during that day or the next day easily but still at the best quality that three can be.

3)      The custom guest sign-in book

The package that we have also had the custom sign-in book that also acts as a guest book. This book is then strategically placed at the entrance, as a way of knowing who came to the event. At the end of the game, it is then handed over to the bride and groom, which they can go through later.

It is customized because we get to design the cover the way the couple would want to. We could do a flush mount image or an ordinary image of the couple. Whatever the guest of honors of the day would wish to.

4)      Consultation services

The good thing about working with true professionals is that you get to have the best of the in the industry to guide you through your big day! Therefore, during the shoots, you are assured that you will be advised on the best directions that you can take at any time. Amateur service providers cannot decide all the great poses and the preferred backgrounds in a timely manner.

We can also help in advising you on the best places to have your shots were taken and even the best angles. All of it is in the service package that we provide. If you feel lost as to how to do something during the wedding, simply ask us and we’ll work with you to get it done in the most professional and efficient manner.


The services that we offer for our clients in Vancouver in terms of wedding photography and videography stands out because of the authenticity, classic, and straightforward approach that we tend to use all the time.  We do not like to confuse our clients by creating overly complex pricing or packages. The excellent equipment and the numerous 4K cameras and drones ensure that we can take all the best angles and impressive resolutions on the images and the videos that you receive from us. Our goal is not only to provide you with just exceptional service but to create an experience with us. We will become friends at the end of your wedding and continue to prove you and your extended family with and exceptional photography and cinematography services.

Vancouver Wedding Photography
Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Vancouver wedding photographer

Photography is an essential part of any wedding because the couple wants to cherish the biggest moment of their lives. In Canada, couples love elegance and creativity in their wedding photography. Vivid Dreams wedding photographers are always on their toes to come up with new ideas to capture the best moments at a wedding which can bring a smile on their client’s face.

Photographers focus on taking a collection of moments, details, relationships and emotions that tells a story which is beyond the event of the day. They bring life to the pictures and make these things larger than life. Every couple have their unique personalities, we live in a world which has so many cultures, traditions, societies and religions. Every wedding has its unique ambiance which brings joy to the world because two people in love tie the knot.

Vivid Dreams wedding photographers go an extra mile to make sure that their client is satisfied with their work. Wedding only happens once in a lifetime and no one would want any amateur photographer to ruin it for them. The event lasts a day but photographs last a lifetime so they have to be perfect in every aspect.

There was a time when wedding photography was all about formal shoots and family group pictures but now it has changed drastically. There is a new concept of cinematic wedding in which photographers capture the wedding with the concepts of cinematography. The end result is more like a short film with beautiful shots taken from drones, cranes and so on.

Another latest trend that wedding photographers follow is a photo blog with customer’s consent. The photo blog is all about the wedding, its décor, bride’s dress, groom’s shoes and much more. Photographers capture photographs of everything and make a nice blog which is published online. Photo blog allows the couple and the photographer to go to various locations and take pictures which bring life to their best moment in life. It can be at the heart of the city or in the suburbs. The beautiful scenery enhances the romance in the photographs.

It’s all about capturing real emotions and moments which tell a better story then a pose especially for the photograph. Photographers are sneaky and they will take a picture when you are having a laugh with your friends while eating the cake. These are the moments which are more precious than a family portrait, which is more formal but still necessary. Wedding is about two families joining together to form one big happy family. It is important to everyone and a family portrait is a must in any wedding album.

Photographers do not reflect the common trends, instead their photographs reflect real moments and real people which is more than just photography. The more they are involved in the moment themselves the better the end result is.

There are many Vancouver wedding photographer available for wedding photography but what sets them apart is their portfolio. Some follow the traditional style while others make it more interesting. Creativity is key and couples would love to stand-out from everyone else on their wedding day. Pictures are worth a thousand words but wedding photographs speak your life’s story.