Dream Wedding Cake in Surrey & Vancouver

Dream Wedding Cake in Surrey & Vancouver

Wedding Cake in Surrey & Vancouver

Wedding cake need not be plain vanilla white anymore. There are many delicious flavors and creative ways to have your wedding cake made. Check our our INSTAGRAM!!!

Dream Wedding Cake in Surrey & Vancouver. One of the most important parts of the wedding reception is the wedding cake. It is the center of attention in the hall, and everyone loves to “ooh and ahh” at it. No one leaves the wedding before they see the wedding cake cut, and you will see your cake in many wedding photos that will be kept for the future. Make sure that you chose the best wedding cake for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding. 
To help you choose the best cake for your wedding, you should think of the following aspects. Firstly, you should think about how big you want your wedding cake. It should be big enough to accommodate all of the guests on your list, and maybe even more if you wish to save cake for people who couldn’t attend. This should affect the number of layers and the size of the cake. The shape of the cake is also very important. You can get as creative as you want with the shape, though the traditional shape is round. Remember that round or square cakes are easily cut and it makes serving easier.

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Next, you should think about what design you will use on your cake. There are many designs available, and if you go to a bakery they will have a whole book of possible designs. You can choose from the designs at your local bakery, or you can bring in a drawing of what design you’d like and ask if they could do that. Remember that the more complicated the design of the cake, the more costly it will be. Usually, the color of the cake is white. But nowadays, you can choose any color that you want. It is good to match the cake to the color scheme of the wedding. Cake toppers also are a consideration for the design of the cake.
Since this is a wedding cake you will want to think about what it will taste like. Cakes are meant to be eaten as well as looked at, so try and make it delicious. You can choose to have a taste testing at a bakery. You can choose different flavors, anything that appeals to you. For example, chocolate, lemon, orange, carrot, and banana are good flavors. You can also have a cake that has different flavors in every layer. For between the layers you may have the choice of chocolate ganache or other flavored fillings. Fresh fruit and fruit preserves are always a welcome addition to nearly any cake. 
Once you have an idea of what kind of cake you want, you should go to see a baker. Make sure to choose a great baker for your wedding. Check their portfolio of works and see if you like the way that they bake cakes. Ask about their designs and if they accept custom designs, if you’d like one. Have a tasting so that you know what their cakes taste like aside from the look. Also, ask about any extra costs that you might need to pay, like the fee for the cake delivery and set-up. 
If you’ve got your baker and the plans for the cake ready, all you need to do is pay and wait a couple of months for it to get ready. Soon enough, you’ll have the dream wedding cake for your wonderful wedding.

As a bride or as a couple, you will absolutely look for ways on how to cut the costs of the wedding considering that a wedding cake has also many parts such as wedding cake accessories, cake flavours, and icing styles which, if not chosen well, can cost up too much. 

Weddings are not just little celebrations which are expected to cost us little budget, too. If we are getting married, there are a lot of wedding features that should also be thought about and one of the major features of the wedding is the wedding cake that undoubtedly can cost a certain amount that should be considered as a foremost thing. As a bride or as a couple, you will absolutely look for ways on how to cut the costs of the wedding considering that a wedding cake has also many parts such as wedding cake accessories, cake flavors, and icing styles which, if not chosen well, can cost up too much. So, it is imperative to be wise and practical when it comes to decisions concerning your wedding cake.

Have a simple design. Bakers or cake makers will base the cost of their labor on how difficult the cake has been created. Usually, round-shaped cakes are the pastry chef’s or the baker’s choice for they are easy to be adorned and styled. Icing also plays a great role in managing the cost of the wedding cake, the butter cream one is usually being chosen by couples who want to cut on the budget. Fondant icing is very laborious and will require a lot of budget.

Make your own wedding cake toppers. Or ask for a cake topper as a gift. Monograms are becoming very popular nowadays with the groom’s surname’s first letter. This one is a wedding accessory which can definitely become a DIY project for the bride. All she will need is that metal monogram or anything which can be formed into a letter or character, some glue, and crystals or jewels to be glued on the raw monogram material. Also, as a gift, a cake topper can be requested to be a much more elaborate or stylistic one making it as fun topper such as a groom and a bride figurines doing funny poses or something that’s unusual from the standard bride and groom cake toppers.

Have a fake, cardboard base as the huge cake’s foundation at the bottom part. Four-tiered or five-tiered cakes can be really enticing and if the budget should be saved or cannot accommodate it, why not make that huge base part as just a false layer complete with the icing and wedding cake accessories on it? Many couples opt for this idea to have a grand cake. Anyway, to some weddingsFree Reprint Articles, a towering cake is just made as a centerpiece and is there to become a very beautiful photo prop and they just serve other forms of desserts to the guests.

Opt for a cupcake tower. This is what’s making the trend nowadays; it is very practical and very budget-friendly. Many brides or couples would decide on cupcakes as an alternate to the traditional and expensive cake. They just buy a small cake to be put at the top of the cupcake tower to hold the topper or to serve as the one which they would cut for the wedding tradition.