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Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Surrey, British Columbia.

Wedding photographer is an essential part of any wedding because the couple wants to cherish the biggest moment of their lives. In Canada, couples love elegance and creativity in their wedding photography. Wedding photographers in Vancouver and Surrey area are always coming up with fresh new ideas to capture the best moments at a wedding.

Vancouver wedding photographer team that offers professional wedding photography packages with a different photojournalistic style

At Vivid Dreams, Our photographers focus on taking a collection of moments, details, relationships and emotions that tells a story which is beyond the event of the day. We bring life to the pictures and make our weddings larger than life. Everyone has their unique personalities, we live in a world which has so many cultures, traditions, societies and religions.

There was a time when wedding photography was all about formal styled shoots and family group pictures but now it has changed drastically. There is a new concept of cinematic wedding in which photographers capture the wedding with the concepts of cinematography. The end result is more like a short film with beautiful shots taken from drones, cranes and so on.

Another latest trend that Vancouver wedding photographers follow is a photo blog with customer’s consent. The photo blog is all about the wedding, its décor, bride’s dress, groom’s shoes and much more. Photographers capture photographs of everything and make a nice blog which is published online. Photo blog allows the couple and the photographer to go to various locations and take pictures which bring life to their best moment in life. It can be at the heart of the city or in the suburbs. The beautiful scenery enhances the romance in the photographs.

It’s all about capturing real emotions and moments which tell a better story then a pose especially for the photograph. Photographers are sneaky and they will take a picture when you are having a laugh with your friends while eating the cake. These are the moments which are more precious than a family portrait, which is more formal but still necessary. Wedding is about two families joining together to form one big happy family. It is important to everyone and a family portrait is a must in any wedding album.

wedding photographer

Photographers do not reflect the common trends, instead their photographs reflect real moments and real people which is more than just photography. The more they are involved in the moment themselves the better the end result will be.

There are many professional photographers available for wedding photography but what sets them apart is their portfolio. Some follow the traditional style while others make it more interesting. Creativity is key and couples would love to stand-out from everyone else on their wedding day. Pictures are worth a thousand words but wedding photographs speak your life’s story. See our instagram and follow us.

If you’ve never thought about your wedding photography style, don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’d be willing to bet most couples don’t realize how many different styles of wedding photography actually exist.

A wedding photographer is more than someone who takes photos at a wedding. Instead, a photographer works with a couple to create memories which will last a lifetime.

In order to become a wedding photographer, you will need photography experience, a portfolio of your work, a computer, and good camera equipment.

Some wedding photographers have formal photography training and others do not. Many wedding photographers begin their careers by attending an art school or getting training in photography. After that, a wedding photographer may get experience by assisting other photographers. Eventually, an assistant will branch out and begin his or her own business. Other photographers may work a day job during the week and work as a wedding photographer on the weekends simply because they love the business. Yet others who have an innate artistic talent may begin their business by photographing friend’s weddings. Eventually, their business may begin to expand beyond friends and family.

Taking wedding photos begins long before the big day. A photographer will usually meet with the bride and groom many months in advance of the ceremony. During this initial meeting, photographers discuss their experience, as well as their portfolio packages. Some photographers take engagement photographs which can be sent to family and friends or published in the local newspaper.

A photographer should also have a written contract. A contract will specify the terms of the contract so that the couple knows exactly what services to expect for the price that they have been quoted.

As the big day draws closer, the photographer will be in close contact with the couple. The photographer usually will make an appointment to see the church or facility where the ceremony will be taking place and the facility where the reception will take place. This is important because a photographer needs to know where to set up equipment in the facility. A photographer will also need to assess the lighting in the facility to see what type of equipment will be necessary.

After the event, a photographer will develop the photos and use computer programs to re-touch the photos or to create speciall effects. After that, the photographer may meet in person with the couple to go over photographs, or he may send files to them using a computer.

It takes a very special person to become a wedding photographer. A wedding photographer needs to be artistically inclined, yet he or she also needs to have a bit of business sense. A photographer also needs to have good communication skills and should be able to deal with stressful situations with tact and grace. Overall, a wedding photographer needs to be a people person who really enjoys being around people and socializing.

Wedding Photography Styles (in a nutshell)

Fine Art — Fine art wedding photographers are actively creating art while capturing the story of your day. Every moment has the potential to turn into a photograph that could be a stand-alone piece in an art gallery.

Photojournalistic — The purpose of being a photojournalist is to unobtrusively capture the wedding day as a whole, not just the planned moments. Photojournalism got its start in newspapers, so remember that you won’t get the posed shots if you hire a true photojournalist. If you don’t like posing or staging, then hiring a photojournalist might be the perfect option for you.

Traditional — A traditional photographer appreciates the staples of a wedding and will capture them for you with art and grace. You can expect a modern take on the posed photos in your grandparents’ wedding album. Traditional wedding photographers typically focus on capturing the details that are important to you, including family photos, décor, and other images that you might have on your shot list.

Editorial — If you love the look of photography in magazines like Vogue, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar, then you might like your wedding to be photographed with a similar feel. Editorial allows photographers to shoot creatively and over the top. While you won’t find candid moments in this style of photography, everything about the editorial look is dramatic, edgy, and sexy.

Moody and Dark — A moody or VSCO-look means that your photographer edits their photos in such a way as to mimic film imagery (or they might be a hybrid shooter — shooting both film and digital). If you love bright, bold colors and want your photos to look exactly how you remember your wedding day (color-wise), then the moody style may not be for you. However, if you’re looking for an artistic, interesting perspective of your wedding day, then this style might be your new obsession.

Adventurous — Think of this style as more of a personality trait rather than a look. If you and your soon-to-be love to travel and explore and are looking for someone who will follow you wherever your wanderlust takes you, then finding a photographer who describes themselves as an adventurer is a must!

One important thing to know is that most photographers don’t just shoot one style. In fact, most photographers incorporate all of these styles into their work in some way or other. It makes it more fun for them and more interesting for their clients. So, keep that in mind when you start looking at portfolios!